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Choosing the Right Style for Your New Tampa Custom Home

March 12, 2024 • Written by: Steven Anthony Luxury Homes

Welcome to Steven Anthony Luxury Homes' guide on selecting the perfect style for your new custom home in Tampa, Florida. Building a custom home is an exciting journey, offering you the chance to create a living space that reflects your personality, lifestyle, and design preferences. One of the most crucial decisions you'll make during this process is choosing the architectural style that best suits your vision and the surrounding environment.

Tampa boasts a diverse architectural landscape, influenced by its rich history, vibrant culture, and tropical climate. From sleek modern designs to charming traditional aesthetics, there's a style to complement every taste. Let's explore some popular architectural styles to help you narrow down your options:


Embracing clean lines, open spaces, and innovative materials, Contemporary homes offer a sleek and sophisticated look. Large windows and minimalist design elements emphasize natural light and spaciousness, creating an airy and inviting atmosphere. This style is perfect for those who appreciate modern aesthetics and crave a seamless blend of indoor-outdoor living.


Inspired by the coastal regions of Spain, Italy, and Greece, Mediterranean homes exude warmth, elegance, and Old-World charm. Characterized by stucco exteriors, tile roofs, and ornate details, these homes often feature lush courtyards, arched entryways, and intricate wrought iron accents. Ideal for embracing Tampa's sunny climate, Mediterranean-style residences offer a timeless appeal and a sense of Mediterranean luxury.


With its emphasis on simplicity, functionality, and innovative design, the Modern style embodies the spirit of contemporary living. Clean lines, large windows, and open floor plans create a sense of fluidity and connectivity with the outdoors. Modern homes often feature minimalist aesthetics, sustainable materials, and energy-efficient technologies, making them an ideal choice for eco-conscious homeowners.


Rooted in American tradition and casual elegance, Ranch-style homes offer a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Single-story layouts, wide eaves, and sprawling floor plans characterize this classic style, which emphasizes comfort, simplicity, and connection to the surrounding landscape. Whether nestled in a suburban neighborhood or set against a rural backdrop, Ranch-style homes radiate timeless charm and understated luxury.

Colonial Revival

Inspired by America's colonial heritage, Colonial Revival homes pay homage to tradition and refinement. Symmetrical facades, brick exteriors, and classic columns define this timeless style, exuding a sense of grace and grandeur. With their timeless elegance and historical charm, Colonial Revival homes make a statement in any neighborhood.

Modern Farmhouse

Combining rustic warmth with contemporary flair, the Modern Farmhouse style offers a fresh take on country living. Board-and-batten siding, metal roofs, and expansive front porches define these charming homes, which blend modern amenities with rural charm. Modern Farmhouse homes embrace casual elegance and a relaxed lifestyle, making them a popular choice for families in Tampa and beyond.

At Steven Anthony Luxury Homes, we understand that your home is more than just a place to live—it's a reflection of your personality, aspirations, and lifestyle. With our expertise and attention to detail, we'll work closely with you to create a custom home that exceeds your expectations.

Contact us to begin your journey towards luxury living in Tampa, where every detail is crafted with care and precision. Let's build the home of your dreams together.

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